War Favia

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Favia (Favia sp.) have many common names- Honeycomb Coral, Moon Coral, Pineapple Coral, Brain Coral, Closed Brain Coral, and Star Coral-, which is understandable as they are one of the more diverse groups of large stony polyp corals. While they are native to the Caribbean, Pacific, and Indian Ocean, they are also available as an aquacultured species. They are easy to care for and prefer to be placed in an area of the reef tank that has both moderate light and flow. This LPS coral has stinging sweeper tentacles and is aggressive, so make sure to give it lots of space. Thanks to symbiotic zooxanthallae they can produce their own nutrients, but they could be fed phytoplankton and brine shrimp up to twice per week. If feeding, wait until the evening when their tentacles are extended. As with many corals Favia sp. should be dipped before they are added to a reef system. Acclimate them slowly allowing them to adjust to the water parameters and lighting in their new tank.