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Wilsoni (Australophyllia wilsoni), corals were formerly classified as Symphyllia wilsoni and that name is still occasionally used to describe them. These coral are loved for their bright rainbow colors, but are not the easiest species to keep. While Wilsoni corals are native to the Indian Ocean around Australia, the temperatures they thrive in can vary, many of the most vibrant rainbow specimens preferring colder temperatures. When adding one of these corals to a tank they should be placed in an area where it will have low to moderate light and be in an area of moderate water flow. This large polyp stony coral (LPS) can be aggressive so make sure to give it enough space and avoid placing it near peaceful species. They contain zooxanthallae which will help to provide nutrients for them, but they can be fed using phytoplankton and other small liquid foods like brine, in addition to powdered coral foods. Using a coral dip on new pieces of coral can help to prevent pests from entering a healthy system. In addition to dipping new coral, species like the Wilsoni should be acclimated slowly, paying extra attention to temperature, salinity, and pH, before introducing them to a display tank.