Sicce Pump Clean - 32oz

Sicce Pump Clean - 32oz

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- eliminates the most difficult limestone residues
- reduces maintenance and cleaning practices by 50%
- regular use preserves the product and slows down wear
- one do-it-all advanced formula multipurpose solution

Sicce’s pump clean is completely natural which makes it ideal for removing limescale residues from pumps, filters and all other aquarium/pond/hydroponic products that are used in close contact with water or fully submerged.

100% safe, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, green, organic powder product designed for multiple applications. Also safe for general housekeeping applications: descaler for washing machine and dishwasher - rinse aid for dishwasher - softener for washing machine - grout line tile whitening - detergent for water - natural dissolvant- appliance exhaust maintenance - cookware cleaning - rust stain removal - garment anti-felting.

Contents: net wt 32 oz (900g)

- 1 Quart instructions: Add 2oz / 56g of PUMP CLEAN in 1 Quart of water and mix until the solution has fully dissolved.
- 1 Gallon instructions: Add 6oz / 168g of PUMP CLEAN in 1 Gallon of water and mix until the solution has fully dissolved.
- Soak for 3-4 hours for DRY calcified deposits. Soak for 2-3 hours for WET calcified deposits. Use a soft brush and rinse multiple times to ensure excellent results.

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