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When it comes to different types of coral that can be added to a reef tank, there are a few main types, one of which is SPS or small polyp stony coral. These corals are colorful, but also delicate and are typically recommended for more advanced hobbyists though there are a few species that are more forgiving than others. Unlike the fleshy structures seen in LPS corals, SPS species tend to have a more skeletal appearance. Typically they consist of encrusting, branching, and plating species and are very sensitive to water parameters. Many types of SPS corals prefer moderate to high lighting, so having a good light is key to their success. Tanks containing SPS often have dosing elements associated with them to help make sure levels like calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity don’t fluctuate too much. This group of coral contains zooxanthallae, a photosynthetic algae which provide them with nutrients, but their diets can be supplemented with a variety of foods. Acropora (Acro’s) are one of the more popular SPS corals, but others like Hydnophora, Pavona, Montipora (Monti’s), Pocillopora, Stylophora, Cyphastrea, Psammocora Leptoseris, Seriatopora, and Porites that tend to be popular and commonly sought after genuses. As with most species of coral it is important to dip them before adding them to a reef tank. Additionally, the corals should be handled with care and slowly drip acclimated to the tank's water parameters before being directly placed in the tank itself.