JF Burning Banana Stylophora

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Light Requirement: Low 100-150 Par

Flow Requirement: Low-High, we place in a medium pattern 

Stylophora (Stylophora sp.)are a type of SPS (Small Polyp Stony) coral that are occasionally known as Bird’s Nest, Cat’s Paw, or Club Finger coral. One thing that differentiates the Stylophora from other genuses is it’s finger-like branches that end in blunt tips. The thickness of the branches can vary in different flows, with higher flow resulting in thicker branches and lower flow resulting in thinner branches. This species can be aquacultured, but it is native to the Indo-Pacific. It prefers moderate to high levels of light and strong water flow and is a relatively hardy coral. It contains photosynthetic algae that provides its nutrients, but it will also eat phytoplankton, zooplankton, marine snow, as well as waste produced by fish and tank inhabitants. Commercially available coral foods are also an option. Prior to adding a Stylophora to a reef tank they should be dipped to prevent the introduction of unwanted pests. Corals may take several days to weeks to acclimate to tank lighting, so it is recommended to start them lower in the tank and gradually move them to their final predetermined position.