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Torch Coral (Euphyllia glabrescens)or sometimes called Trumpet or Pom Pom Coral, these large polyp stony corals are native to the Pacific Ocean, some coming from Indonesia and some from Australia. The two types can be differentiated in a few ways. Indo Torches typically have significantly more gold color variants, such as NY Knicks, Holy Grail, and Dragon Soul, whereas the Aussie Torches are only commonly seen in green and gold. Another way they are different is in their arms. The Indonesian Torches’ are long and skinny, while the ones from Australia are shorter and wider. When selecting a place for them in a reef tank, keep in mind that they prefer both moderate lighting and flow. One thing the Aussie and Indo Torches have in common is they don’t get along together, so make sure if these two varieties are going in a tank together they are spaced far apart. They have sweeper tentacles that are extended at night so make sure and allow some space between them and other corals as well. They contain zooxanthallae that provide them with nutrients, but they can also be fed with phytoplankton, brine shrimp, or commercial coral foods. These LPS coral are sensitive to water phosphate, so regular water testing is key. Just as important as water testing is making sure to dip torches before introducing them into a tank. Dipping and allowing them to be slowly acclimated to a tank is an important part of their success in a reef tank.