CV Emerald City Chalice

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Chalice (Echinophyllia sp., Echinopora sp., Lithophyllon sp., Mycedium sp., and Oxypora sp.) corals are a group of large polyp stony cup corals that are composed of several different genus. These uniquely textured and colorful corals are native to the Indo-Pacific, but aquacultured specimens are also available. Place them in an area of the tank where they will get moderate lighting and moderate flow. Like many species of LPS, Chalice's have stinging tentacles that come out at night, so make sure to leave some space between them and neighboring corals. While they rely on their zooxanthallae to provide them with food, they will eat a variety of foods, from formulated coral foods, to pellets, and even small meaty foods used to feed fish in the reef. Prior to adding them make sure they are dipped and then slowly acclimated to their new environments.