Gold Dust Acantho

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Size: L 4+ inch

Acanthophyllia (
Acanthophyllia sp.)are often found as centerpiece corals in reef aquariums. These large polyp stony corals have an intricate stony base and a large fleshy polyp that can be found in a variety of colors. They are native to the Pacific Ocean, Australia in particular. One of the reasons they are loved by hobbyists is because they are a rather hardy, and forgiving species once they have fully acclimated to a tank. When placing these LPS corals, make sure they are located where they will get moderate lighting and low flow. They contain a photosynthetic algae called zooxanthallae that help to provide them with nutrients, but they can be target fed when their tentacles are out. They prefer meaty foods like brine shrimp and krill, but will also eat commercially available powdered coral food. Use caution when dipping them and placing them in the tank so their stony skeleton does not damage their flesh. They should be acclimated slowly so they can get adjusted to the new systems lighting and water parameters.