CV Teal & Gold Galaxea

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Galaxea (Galaxea sp.)corals are known by many names- Tooth Coral, Galaxy Coral, Starburst Coral, Crystal Coral, Star Coral, and Brittle Coral. This LPS species has a wide stony base with corallites that extend above the base. These large polyp stony corals are native to the Indo-Pacific ocean and are also available as an aquacultured species. Placement in the reef should be in an area where they will get moderate to high lighting and moderate water flow. They contain stinging tentacles that extend at night and need to be placed where there will be space between them and other corals. Symbiotic zooxanthallae help to provide their nutrients, but they will eat a variety of food including phytoplankton, formulated coral food, as well as smaller meaty foods like brine. It is important to dip corals prior to adding them to a new tank to reduce the risk of introducing pests. They can be sensitive to water quality, so acclimate them slowly, giving them time to adjust to lighting and tank water parameters.