Pink Orange Ricordia

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Ricordea Mushrooms (Ricordea sp.)This genus of mushrooms contains 2 species- the Ricordea yuma and Ricordea florida. Both of these species are bottom dwelling and are sometimes referred to as flower mushroom corals or disc anemones. The Yuma Mushrooms are native to the Indo-Pacific, while the Florida Ricordea are native to the Caribbean, but aquacultured varieties are available. These mushrooms both have unique, small, rounded tentacles and come in a rainbow of colors. Ricordeas should be placed in areas of low flow, but where they will have moderate to intense light. However the art of placing them in a tank can be difficult as they have the ability to release their foot and float around, selecting locations on their own. This soft coral contains zooxanthallae that provides nutrients for it, but its diet can be supplemented with phytoplankton and other available coral foods on the market.. It is recommended to let them settle out on bits of rubble first and then place them in the tank. They will need to be dipped and drip acclimated before being added to any aquarium, but make sure to use caution as they produce a mucus that can cause health issues like allergic reactions to humans and pets alike.