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Cynarina (Cynarina sp.)are a type of large polyp stony coral that are characterized by a stony base covered with fleshy lobes and a centrally located mouth. These LPS coral are sometimes called Meat Coral, Donut Coral, Knob Coral, Tooth Coral, and Cat’s Eye Coral. In the wild they can be found thriving in Indo-Pacific waters. When considering the placement in a reef tank they should be situated in an area that gets moderate lighting and low water flow. Much like the similar looking Scolymia sp. corals, Cynarina can expand to double their size and should be given some extra space where they are placed. Although they have photosynthetic zooxanthallae to help nourish them, they can be fed a diet of small meaty food, or formulated coral food. The best way to reduce the risk of introducing pests into a tank is by dipping it before putting it in any new reef. As all corals are sensitive, they should be acclimated slowly, giving them time to get used to their new saltwater home.