Branching Frogspawn

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Frogspawn (Euphyllia divisa)are a type of LPS coral that are native to the Pacific Ocean around Australia and Tonga, and they can sometimes be purchased as aquacultured specimens. A similar species, Octospawn, typically have paler colors and they have dots all along the length of their stalk, whereas the Frogspawn have brighter, bolder colors and a singular dot at the end of their stalk. Both of these corals prefer to be placed in areas with moderate to high light, and moderate flow. As they grow they can take up a 6-10 inch footprint, so make sure to give them space to grow. Another reason to give them space is because they are aggressive and have stinging sweeper tentacles that can damage nearby corals. They will eat a variety of meaty foods including brine shrimp, squid, and fish, as well as commercially made coral foods. Like all Euphyllia they are sensitive to water, so make sure to test the water parameters regularly and dose accordingly. Prior to adding these colorful corals to any tank, they should be handled cautiously, dipped and slowly drip acclimated.