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Elegance (Catalaphyllia jardinei) are a type of LPS coral that are also known as Ridge Coral, Elegant Coral, or Wonder Coral, instead of being referred to by their scientific names. They are native to the Pacific Ocean, specifically around Australia. Place them in an area of the tank where they will get moderate lighting, and low to moderate water flow. Thanks to the help of photosynthetic algae they are able to produce most of their nutrients, but they will accept chopped up meaty foods in addition to the less messy to prepare, powdered coral foods. Use caution when handling Elegance corals and when placing them in a reef tank as they can sting, both the hands holding them and other corals. Like some species of large polyp stony coral they will expand in size so consider that as well. Dip them prior to adding them to any reef or marine tank, and make sure to acclimate them slowly so they can get adjusted to their new surroundings.