AUS Tricolor Lobophyllia 4

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Lobophyllia (Lobophyllia sp.) are a large polyp stony coral that also go by the names Meat Coral, Lobed Coral, Carpet Coral, Large Flower Coral, Colored Coral, and Open Brain Coral. These LPS corals with their large fleshy polpys are native to the Pacific and Indian Oceans. When placing them in a reef tank, they need to be in an area that gets moderate to high light and moderate water flow. These corals do have stinging tentacles that stretch out at night and are fairly aggressive so make sure to leave some space between them and neighboring corals. When it comes to their diet they are able to produce their own food thanks to the help of zooxanthallae, but they can be fed small meaty foods, and formulated coral foods when they open up. It is important to dip corals before adding them to a reef tank, this will reduce the risk of introducing pests. Also important, is making sure to acclimate the Lobophyllia slowly letting it get adjusted to the tank’s water parameters and light.