Astraea (Astraea sp.)

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Astraea (Astraea sp.) is the genus of the two different species commonly seen for sale- Spiny Star Astraea (Astraea phoebia) and Astraea Turbo (Astraea tecta). When looking down on the Spiny Star Astraea snails, the meaning of their name, “star” becomes obvious. The Astraea Turbo Snails have the same general appearance, however they are missing the spines that give the Spiny Star Astraea their name. When they retreat inside, their shells are sealed off by a dense calcium carbonate operculum.These inch wide snails are greatly appreciated for their inclination to eat hair algae, diatoms, and Cyanobacteria. If they run out of areas to clean, their diet can be supplemented with vegetable based foods. Neither of these Astraea snail species are able to right themselves if flipped or knocked over, unless their foot is able to connect with a hard structure, so make sure to check on them and flip them over as needed. They are sensitive to copper medications as well as elevated nitrate levels. When adding them to an aquarium it is necessary to drip acclimate them slowly, over the course of at least an hour.

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