Aquarium Service

Has taking care of your tank become an inconvenient burden? Or, the idea of even just starting an aquarium of your own seems like too much to handle?

Setting up a custom aquarium can be overwhelming, and the time you spend trying to keep it clean and functioning at it’s best takes away from being able to enjoy the beauty.

That’s where we come in...

No tank is too small or too large for the team of industry experts at Tyler’s Tanks.

Kick back and let us do the work.  Spend less time cleaning your tank and more time enjoying it!  Our professional aquarium specialists will provide the highest, most reliable quality and hassle-free service to your business or home. We can elevate your tank to it’s highest potential with artistic aquascaping specific for your needs.  Don’t waste another minute of your time and energy! Call us today to receive your free estimate.

Our core principles are what have made us DFW’s most celebrated partners in the industry.


Trust: We built our business on the mutual trust between our clients and staff.  We take the time to get to know our clients and never start a project until a clear understanding of the project is both conveyed and communicated.

Quality: We stand 100% by our work.  If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.  All projects are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Reliability:     We pride ourselves on providing 100% clear communication of arrival and project timelines with frequent updates.  We understand that your time is highly valuable and therefore any delays will be communicated immediately.



Service Pricing:

 Saltwater  Monthly Single Service Additional services
0-75 Gallons $100


76-130 Gallons $140


131-180 Gallons $180 $135
181-230 Gallons $220 $155
231-280 Gallons $265 $185
281-320 Gallons $300 $195
320+ Gallons Per Quote Only


Transportation Pricing (dry aquariums, <45 miles):

100-225 Gallon Aquarium moving (Point A-B)  $1 Per Gallon
225-300 Gallon Aquarium moving (Point A-B)  $1.50 Per Gallon
301+ Gallon Aquarium moving (Point A-B) Per Quote Only
Established Aquariums  Per Quote Only

** Pricing doesn't include special equipment needed for large aquariums. 


Custom Aquarium Set-up & Plumbing:

100-350 Gallon Aquarium  $3.75 Per Gallon
350+ Gallon Aquarium  Per Quote Only
Multi-aquarium set up  Per Quote Only

** Pricing doesn't include parts and equipment